construction management

construction management

After a long search that began in Italy and ended on the Costa Brava, the family van Dijk found their dream home. The decisive factor was the location just outside a historic village, near the sea and beaches but in a very quiet and private spot. It was almost everything they had wished for all this time. Almost, because the monumental masía they had pledged their heart to, had been neglected over the past 30 years.

“We realized that it would be very difficult to find the right professionals to realize the renovation to our expectations. Where to find a suitable architect, a good carpenter, bricklayer or electrician? Moreover, we don’t live in Spain and it was impossible for us to be present day in day out to monitor the progress.

Because we were extremely satisfied with the commitment and service of Arx during the search for our dream house, the negotiations and the supervision of the purchasing process, it felt natural to us to also leave the supervision of the construction to the skilled professionals of Arx.

What at first glance seemed to be a small alteration, quickly turned into a huge project. Whilst making the plans it turned out, our wishes were more comprehensive than we thought. Arx presented a team of professionals, each with their own speciality, whom were going to bring our plans to life. Each of them committed craftsmen with a passion for their work field. That gave us instant confidence.

The historic status of the building and its location in a protected natural area put us to the to challenge of obtaining all necessary permits, required for the execution of our plans. Experience and familiarity with local authorities of Arx in this area proved to be essential, because despite the start up problemst after the summer holidays at the local authoroties and an administrative reorganization at the Generalitat, the principal permit was given within 8 weeks. We couldstart the renovation! ”

“Bernhard of Arx took pictures daily and uploaded them to a secure Google docs account online, specially created for us, so we were being kept informed of the status and progress, from home, or anywhere in the world. He also supervised the costs and took care of the payments to the architect and the various contractors. Each invoice (whether it was a great expense of € 3000, – for excavation work, or a small one of € 3, – for a valve) was registered and also uploaded to our private Google Docs account, so we were aware of the financial status of the project, virtually “real time.

During the search for our dream house, Bernhard had already shown he understood our wishes very well. During the renovation he proved to have a great sense for our expectations once again; A house with all the luxury, but not too polished. We believe that after the renovation you still need to see that the masía has a 300 year history.

Whether it’s just the two of us, or when the children and grandchildren come over, the house fits us like a glove. We are very pleased with the end result, it’s everything we had imagined! What more can you wish for? ”

For the van Dijk family, Arx acted as an intermediary between them as owners, the architect, the municipality and the various contractors. Bernhard Schut of Arx has a background as a technical draftsman and project manager in construction. In 2007 he settled on the Costa Brava and he has devoted himself to the profession of real estate agent. Many of his clients wanted to renovate their home after purchase and after some bad experiences with other parties, he decided to take up his old profession, and guide construction/ renovation projects, besides his activities as a real estate agent. This way he can continue the high service, Arx provides in the purchase process, during this important phase.

Except for the van Dijk family, Arx has realized several other projects. Are you wondering what Arx can do for you? Please contact our office.


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